Name: Messy Monica

Age: 8 and a half

Voiced by:
Cathy Cavadini

First Appearance:
Episode 6.01: "Another
Fine Mess"

Inspired By:
Monica Lewinsky

Memorable quote:
"I made a mess."

Sometimes as a TV series gets older, the creators choose to introduce a new, young character to breath new life into the show.  Remember Sam on Diff'rent Strokes?   Or Seven on Married... With Children?  What about Andrew on Family Ties?  They all sparked a new interest in the show after so many years, and gave the writers a new character to work with.  Such was the case with The Adventures of Li'l Bill & Hill and Friends, when Messy Monica made her debut in season six.

The cute little girl, the youngest of the bunch, at times annoyed and endeared the audience.   Some of the most popular episodes involved Monica, and after her introduction, she became the subject of more fan fiction than any other character (much of which can still be read in the usenet newsgroup

Interesting facts about Messy Monica:

  • Monica was originally going to be called "Baby Mon'ca" and was envisioned as a much younger character, barely a toddler.  But in early concept sketches, her big eyes, blue dress, and pacifier [insert oral-fixation joke here] made her too remeniscent of Maggie Simpson.

  • Over the course of the three seasons in which Monica appeared, some of the stains on her dress have been caused by: grape juice, gravy, skunk, ice cream, grass, candle wax, glue, ketchup, shoe polish, lipstick, grease oil, and something left behind by Socks the Flying Cat during a moment not caught on camera.

  • In the closing credits of each episode during the last three seasons, there is a credit for "Monica's Slippers Designed By" and that credit is given to a different person each episode.  Those people are all friends or family members of writers on the show.

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