Name: Ken

Age: 10

Voiced by:
June Foray

First Appearance:
Episode 4.01: "Juniper

Inspired By:
Ken Starr

Memorable quote:
"You're getting a

Ken was introduced in the fourth season (Linda's first season, also) with no explanation as to why we had never seen him before.  He wasn't the new kid at school or anything.  He was just written into the show as though we'd known him all along.  As the Hall Monitor at White House Elementary School, it's Ken's duty to make sure that people who are violating school rules get into suitable trouble.  Distributing citations is a full-time job in a school where the kids get into so many zany adventures!

Linda often teamed up with Ken (using him as her unwitting tool) to wreak havoc on the lives of the other kids.  Their evil-Laurel-and-Hardy-like relationship developed more and more each year as the characters rose in popularity and the show's writers grew more familiar with their characters.

Interesting facts about Ken:

  • In an early draft of the episode in which Ken first appears, he is called "Kenny."

  • Ken is left-handed on the show (at least, that's the hand with which he writes citations) but every Ken toy comes with the pencil in his right hand.

  • The "Kadaver Ken" doll is a much-talked-about item that actually never existed.  Apparantly this rumor was started as an April Fool's Day joke in the usenet newsgroup, and to this day people still post messages (and send me e-mails!) making outrageous offers to buy one.

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