Name: Janet

Age: 10

Voiced by:
Pamela Segall

First Appearance:
Episode 1.01: "The Pilot"

Inspired By:
Janet Reno

Memorable quote:
"Cut the crap."

Remember that episode in season two where Janet's cousin Josie comes to visit from the ranch in Florida, and it turns out that they look alike in every way except for the fact that Janet wears glasses and her cousin doesn't and they have fun confusing people at Janet's school by putting Janet's glasses on Josie and it's really funny, and then Janet goes to Florida to visit Josie at the ranch and wants to do the same thing except Janet learns that Josie doesn't go to school because she's home schooled and Janet thinks that's crazy and tells Josie that her parents are cultists because they home school, and then they get in a big fight and Janet calls the rest of the gang to come down to the Floridian Ranch and kick some serious cultist butt?  Remember?  That was classic Janet at her best. (Episode 2.10, "Good Old Fashioned Whippings")

Interesting facts about Janet:

  • Her outfit was blue in the pilot episode, but was changed to the now-familiar red for all subsequent episodes.

  • Janet merchandise sold worse than any other character's merchandise, and so fewer Janet-based items were manufactured than for any other character.  As a consequence, it is now more difficult to find Janet collectibles than any other character's toys, which makes them amongst the most valuable in today's collector's market.

  • Janet is not in fact Marcy from Peanuts.  Nor is she Daria from Daria.   She is also not Velma from Scooby-Doo.  But oddly enough there seems to be some speculation that in real life Janet Reno is in fact Bill Gates (see here, here, and here -- any of which will open in a new window).

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