Name: Li'l Hill

Age: 10

Voiced by:
Mary Kay Bergman

First Appearance:
Episode 1.01: "The Pilot"

Inspired By:
Hillary Clinton

Memorable quote:
"Boys stink."

Li'l Hill was the show's character with the strongest female following.  Setting an example for little girls everywhere, Hill was headstrong and assured, never letting her own self confidence get shattered by anything anyone else did or said.  Who can forget the memorable episode in the second season titled "Making a Mountain Out of a Mole, Hill" in which Hill defended her right to join the Ranger Scouts even though it was traditionally boys-only?  Hill showed the boys that a girl could be just as much an outdoorsman as any boy could.

Interesting facts about Hill:

  • Never once referred to as "Hillary" on the show, although the European packaging for the "Li'l Hill Shake Rattle and Roll" doll refers to her as "Li'l Hillary".

  • Hill's hair changes color as the seasons go on.  It is clearly dirty-blonde in the first season, but abruptly changes to sandy-blonde in season three.  Apparantly to avoid confusion between the characters, Hill's hair-color is changed once more to light-brown once Linda is introduced in season four.

  • In every episode, Hill carries an item with a New York sports team logo on it, but in no episode does she ever actually say anything about sports.

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