Name: George

Age: 10

Voiced by:
Rob Paulson

First Appearance:
Episode 1.01: "The Pilot"

Inspired By:
George Stephanopolous

Memorable quote:
"Bill ate the booger!"

The coolest kid at White House Elementary, if not for the fact that he was the only cool kid at White House Elementary.  Poor George had no skater friends to go to the skate park with, and pretty much hung out with the other kids by default.  But that's okay because they accepted him as one of them, and eventually he fit right in (despite an obvious personality conflict with Bill in the first few seasons).

Over the years, the show's writers gave George more and more "smart kid" lines and fewer "cool kid" lines.  He became the skate kid with the brain, instead of just the skater kid with attitude.  Many people say that George's character evolved over the course of the show more than any other character.

Interesting George-related facts:

  • In the fifth season (in episode 5.08, titled "Go Stand Over There"), George discovers a dead body laying near the railroad tracks in the woods near the school, and the gang heads through the woods on an adventure to see the body.  As we all remember, it turns out that George only thought he saw a dead body, when it fact it was just a big bag of manure.  But what most people don't know is that the episode is in fact loosely based on a book by acclaimed horror novelist R.L. Stine entitled Goosebumps #109.

  • There is a very well-written and humorous essay entitled "The Erotic George" which is posted regularly in the usenet newsgroup  The essay quotes George from episodes throughout the show's eight seasons, and draws comparisons between George's quotes and actual lines from the Kama Sutra (I'm not sure which translation, bradburyfan22, but that's a good question).  It's very funny.  I'd almost think the show's writers did it on purpose.  I'll have to find where I saved a copy so I can add it to the website (or if anybody out there wants to mail it to me, please do so at

  • George's glasses aren't prescription.  He just wears them for show.

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