Name: Al

Age: 10

Voiced by:

First Appearance:
Episode 1.01: "The Pilot"

Inspired By:
Al Gore

Memorable quote:

There's not much interesting to say about Al.  I'm sure it must have seemed like a good idea to the show's creators at the time to have a silent nerdy sidekick for Bill to hang out with, but he never really had much to do, and he never gained popularity with the viewers.  Over the years, Al's role on the series became less and less significant.  There are even some episodes in later seasons in which Al doesn't even appear. 

Interesting(?) facts about Al:

  • There is one episode in which we hear Al's voice.  In the second season, episode 2.05 ("That's Al, Folks"), Al gets bitten by an alligator, kidnapped by a giant bird, dropped into the bird's nest, squeezed by a constrictor snake, stabbed with a spear, trampled by an elephant, run over by an off-road vehicle, frozen in ice, and burned by lava.  But it's not until the end of the episode, when he stubs his toe, that we hear him scream in pain.  Al's scream was provided by Elizabeth Taylor.

  • During the first season, there was plenty of Al merchandise made.  Almost none of it sold very well, except for a computer boxing game called "Al's Dukes", in which the player controls Al in the boxing ring against various characters who never appeared on the show.  It was an odd little game, not really related to the show at all except for the inclusion of Al, and it did quite well for an Al product.

  • Um... there's not much else interesting about Al.

  • Nope.  Not much else at all.

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