September 1, 2020

Announcing Ironic Sans: The Newsletter

I wrote this post way back in September 2020 but ran into some technical difficulties with my server that prevented me from publishing it. Now that it’s January, 2022, I finally fixed it!

I’m nervously excited to announce that Ironic Sans is relaunching (maybe spinning off is a better phrase) as a Newsletter.


As Twitter became the new place for amusing thoughts, and after the death of Google Reader and the birth of my kids, I found less need to keep writing a blog. But I still have ideas I want to share that can’t fit in a tweet. I increasingly see Newsletters as replacing RSS — an easy way for people to select content that comes to them rather than having to visit separate sites.

Subscribers will receive weekly-or-less emails with observations, stories, ideas, and essays from me. I have a few things planned, but I’ll mostly be figuring it out as I go, magically making time to write a newsletter between work, homeschooling, parenting, and worrying about pending elections and a global pandemic. Seems like the perfect time for a new project!

Your feedback is valuable so I hope you’ll write back.

Subscribe at or, if you’re not quite ready, keep watching this space. I’ll probably crosspost or tease the first few issues here on the blog.

See you in your Inbox!


I’m a long-time RSS subscriber to Ironic Sans. Any chance you could cross post the email newsletter to an RSS feed for good? Hopefully there’s a way without too much manual effort?

Thanks for being a long-time reader. The newsletter has an RSS Feed at


I was going to ask the same question as Dan. As much as I know a lot of people have turned to using email newsletters for what once would have been an RSS feed, that’s just not a model that works well with how I consume stuff. Glad to see that there’s a feed for it!

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