September 18, 2006

Idea: “Hello My Name Is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” name tag shirts

I was thinking about those “Hello my name is…” name tags the other day (doesn’t everyone?), and somehow that led me to this idea:

Hello My Name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

That way, if someone else was wearing the same name tag, then I could shout, “Hey! His name is my name, too!” And if I’m the only one wearing it, then people can shout, “Hey, there goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!”

And then I thought, people probably wouldn’t walk around with that written on a name tag. But maybe it would be funny on a t-shirt. So I came up with a couple variations. The t-shirt is now available in authentic name-tag size versions, worn where you would expect to find a name tag like this, and bigger more graphic versions centered on the shirts. Like these:

Hello My Name Is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Want one? Visit my shop to make a purchase.

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I threw a party once, and here’s the mockup for people’ badges (they were not produced for real, just for jokin’)

Translates as follows:
[Ladies’ badge: “Hi my name is [name]. would you like to french kiss with me?
Gentlemen’s badge: “Hi my name is [name],I’m sorry but I am gay/engaged”
Sapo’s badge (my personal one): “Hi, I am SAPO!!… I’d love to!”]

dear david,

i love you. are you single? we could have comic genius children together.


i’d go for a shirt with a blank nametag on it. then i could buy several and write a whole host of funny names in permanent marker (or some sort of washable marker to reuse the same shirt.)

YOU are a genius.

my name is jacob

i livvvv him!!!!!!!!!i cant say howmany times i listened to that cd when i was little!!!!!!!!!

its a good one, a friend of mine did one that was really funny

it was

hello my name is…
Ummmmm….. I know this one its….um